Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Premiere of the new fragrance “Ciel de GUM”
Event marketing

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"At the fountain in GUM" - a phrase familiar to all residents of Moscow, because this is a favorite meeting place for citizens and guests of the Moscow city. The grandiose event was held in honor of the 120th anniversary of the Main Department Store in Moscow, and the famous French perfumer Francis Kerkjian was invited to create the exclusive fragrance "Ciel de GUM". All this inspired us to recreate an olfactory show with the same name. The fountain, rising high above the spectators' heads and exuding the exquisite fragrance of the perfume extravaganza “Ciel de GUM” was a key solution celebrating the architecture and unique atmosphere that reigns under the grand dome of GUM, where the echoes of different eras and cultures have been preserved. More than 300 people watched the spectacular show including popular celebrities and other opinion leaders.